What Color Countertops Goes With Oak Cabinets? 10 Ideas

White ivory countertop with oak cabinets
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Today’s oak cabinets are not yesterday’s oak cabinets. The look that has been associated with classic looks from perhaps your parent’s day has been replaced. The old and outdated orangey oak cabinets of yesteryear are now streamlined to look much more subtle. These modern oak cabinets, also known as honey oak cabinets are neutral and will look fantastic with several different countertop colors. Countertops with oak cabinets don’t have to be complicated, especially once you know which colors are most flattering.

Marble countertop with oak cabinets

When it comes to selecting a countertop for your oak cabinets it is best to start with the types of mood you want to set in the space. If you are moody and like drama, your counters may be dark in hue. Conversely, if you love a light and airy space you will select a countertop in a lighter shade. No matter how you decide to design your space, we have suggestions for how to make the best choice for the room.

So if you are stumped about which color countertops go best with oak cabinets, look no further than this quick guide to learn which shades are the best.

As always we have searched high and low to bring you amazing design suggestions – this time for your luxurious honey oak cabinets. We hope that at least one of these countertop colors sparks your creativity and inspires you to create your dream space.

Contemporary kitchen with oak cabinets and black marble countertops

Stylish Colorful Countertops for Oak Cabinets

At Country Floors we like to make all things interior design easier for homeowners and designers looking for inspiration. To do this we set out to find the latest and greatest design ideas to help you stay on trend. This information helps you make styling your home smoother and more enjoyable. We hope that this list gives you plenty to work with as you choose the best color counters for your oak cabinets.

Here are our 10 color picks for kitchen countertop ideas for oak kitchen cabinets.

1. Plain White Countertops

Solid white countertops are a very easy and natural choice. Whether you enjoy the simplicity of white and wood or are going for a Scandinavian motif this combination is lovely. With the correct appliances and lighting your white countertops and oak cabinets can look clean and sleek.

2. Marbled White Countertops

Marble white countertops with oak cabinets are another nice choice for designers who want a kitchen that gives off lots of light. The look of marble cabinets adds a hint of texture that plain white cabinets lack. The middle ground is a bright pairing that doesn’t look washed out. If your kitchen gets an abundance of natural sunlight the marbled counters will gleam instead of looking bland. Also, don’t forget that marble backsplash tiles and marble countertops will be a good match, you can check out for more kitchen backsplash ideas to match your marble countertops.

3. Gray Countertops

Gray countertops with oak cabinets are one of the more versatile options on this list for several reasons. First, gray countertops are neutral and therefore give lots of design wiggle room for hardware and decor. Second, gray ranges in hue from very pale to very dark which works well for those looking for a subtle color that offers versatility. Last, grey countertops can be made of many materials and finished to a high sheen or left unfinished for a rustic result.

4. Beige Countertops

Beige is another neutral but it leans more on the warm side. Beige gives oak cabinets a uniform look and can easily be paired with them to create an inviting space for cooking and making memories. The options to decorate with the simple pairing are also plenty. Beige is such a harmonious color to match with others but the most harmonious with travertine tiles! Explore the travertine with Country Floors and get the magic travertine tile ideas for your home to match with beige!

5. Black Countertops

Yes, we know that black countertops with oak cabinets are bold. But we like bold, and if you are anything like us you will see the appeal of this combination. The pairing of solid black counters and neutral oak cabinets allows each to highlight the other for a stunning result.

6. Marbled Black Countertops

Black marbled cabinets give a similar effect as white marbled cabinets. They provide a softening up of the plain cabinet motif. If you enjoy the look of black against oak cabinets going with a marble or granite counter with granite backsplash tiles can really do the trick.

7. Brown Countertops

Brown is an underused shade for countertops. Brown and oak are nice together and add warmth without being harsh like black. If you want your counters to have a rich glow then brown may be the way to go.

8. Ivory Countertops

Ivory countertops add a touch of sophistication that makes serves as a happy medium between white and beige. The best part is that on certain types of lighting, ivory can also look gray which means that this countertop shade has versatility. You can use stainless steel appliances, brass hardware, or our Ivory Travertine Tile Collection, or go with something vivid and still have a stunning outcome.

9. Multicolored Quartz Countertops

Quartz slabs make beautiful kitchen counters. Honey oak cabinets and quartz countertops are a combination that rivals all others. The look of multicolored quartz binds with the natural glow of wood cabinets and gives a flattering and cohesive look. If you opt for quartz in a light shade expect your cabinets to look muted and expect a darker counter shade to make your cabinets appear lighter.

10. Green Countertops

Green is a color that goes unnoticed by most when it comes to kitchen countertops. However, we think that’s because not all types of cabinets look good paired with green. Fortunately, this does not apply when it comes to honey oak cabinets. The natural hues of wood and green go together perfectly. Green countertops with oak cabinets make us think of the outdoors, and walking through nature. It is a pairing that had great potential and when done correctly gives off a vibe that epitomizes earthy, chic style. In addition to this, terracotta tiles, oak cabinets, and green countertops can create a warm farmhouse atmosphere in your home. Take a look at the other modern kitchen design ideas!

Oak cabinets with ivory countertops and white ceramic subway tile backsplash

Aren’t each of these suggestions stunning? We sure do think so. Of course, these are only ideas to be used to inspire you to design around your personal tastes so don’t feel pressured to stick to any one motif. When it comes to deciding which countertop colors are best for oak cabinets in your home you will have to make the call. We just hope whichever color you choose brings you years of enjoyment as you live life in your home because your style is always in style.

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