7 Tile Ideas That Will Make Your Living Room Brighter

light living room tile ideas
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Many homes have living rooms in need of space-enhancing designs to create the appearance of higher ceilings and spacious floors.

If you want to add a visual spark to your home, we have some clever tricks that can give your living room the illusion of being a more grand space.

Houdini would be proud!

1. Pair Dark Colored Flooring with Light Colored Walls

Light-colored walls are typically associated with airiness or openness regardless of flooring shade – but the combination of light walls and dark flooring can really make a space appear larger. The contrast between the light and dark colors creates the feeling of breathability and flow in an otherwise tiny room. Furthermore, dark floors against light walls make ceilings appear higher so the room appears even more spacious.

Belgian Bluestone Lappato Patinato Limestone Tile 16x24

Belgian Bluestone Lappato Patinato Limestone Tile


If you love the idea of contrast and visual appeal, try our Belgian Bluestone Lappato Patinato Limestone Tile, Belgium Blue Brushed Chiselled Limestone Tile. Both styles of living room floor tile are high-quality and will give your living room the visual upgrade it needs when paired with light-colored walls.

2. Try Light Colored Tiles For The Living Room Floor

Light-colored tiles also make rooms appear larger. White tiles are especially lovely for creating the feeling of openness in small rooms – and when paired with light walls the result is an abundance of airiness.

Most design experts know this secret and use it to their advantage when curating spaces because light colors reflect light making rooms look bigger and brighter!

If you want to give your living room a brightness boost, our Glacier Honed Marble Tile is a glorious option. Your living room will feel like a breath of fresh air because white tiling provides much-needed brightness that will make your furniture and decor pieces stand out in a more eye-catching way.

Glacier Honed Marble Tile 18x18

Glacier Honed Marble Tile

Glacier Honed Marble Tile 12x24

Glacier Honed Marble Tile

Glacier Honed Marble Tile 12x12

Glacier Honed Marble Tile


3. Go Big With Your Choice of Tile

Larger tiles are another super secret trick used by many designers to make rooms look larger. Using small tiles can make your space look cramped, and in turn, appear even smaller than it really is. Larger tiles, on the other hand, show less grout which creates fewer visual lines so your floor looks larger.

Our Champagne Honed Limestone Tile packs three benefits into one aesthetically pleasing product. These white living room tiles are excellent for creating an airy vibe in any space, and they can be paired with dark-colored walls to create depth and visual contrast. This tile is available in several different sizes – up to 24’x24’ making it a perfect room-enhancing option.

4. Use Tiles in Plain, Simple Colors

Believe it or not, simple works! Depending on the layout and natural lighting of your living room, plain tiles can work wonders at making your space appear larger. To pull this look off you will need to choose lighter-colored plain patterned tile and keep decor and accents within a similar color range – think creams, grays, and other natural earthy tones.

We have several neutral-colored tile options to help you achieve this look. Our Crema Marfil Polished Marble Tile is gorgeous and features a beige marble stone pattern created from the incorporation of natural stone.

5. Use a Diagonal Layout to Extend the Look of the Flooring

Smaller rooms tend to have a standard square shape, but that doesn’t mean floors have to look basic or boring. Using tiles in a criss-cross or diagonal pattern gives the flooring in small areas an extended look and enhances how large the entire space appears. How does it work? Well, a diagonal pattern naturally draws the eye to the widest part of the design so floors look less cramped. Simply put, it’s design magic!

The Piedra Norge Porcelain Tile collection is extremely versatile, high-quality tile suitable for both use indoors and outdoors. This tile is made to give any space a welcoming feel, so your living room can be both airy and cozy.

6. Choose The Right Color for Grout!

You can make or break the appearance of your living room with the wrong grout color. White tile with black grout will draw too much attention to your tiles – which is counteractive to an open appearance. It is best to stick to grout within the same color family as your living room tiles to better help tiles blend together and appear more seamless. Dark grout for dark tiles and light grout for light tiles is ideal. If you wonder, you can check out what is grout to learn more.

7. Choose Furniture That Complements Your Flooring

This tip is another simple one that creates fantastic results. Light colors are synonymous with open spaces so use your furniture to create an enhanced airy feeling when you pair it with light-colored tile flooring. Stick to whites, creams, beiges, and other natural hues.

If you love the idea of an ultra-bright aesthetic, pair your light-colored furniture with our Magny Louvre Brushed Limestone Tile or with any Diana Royal Tiles like those below and make your decor dreams come to life.

Final Thoughts

The famed architect Le Corbusier said, “The history of architecture is the history of the struggle for light.” A comprehensive statement like this one was intended to address a wide range of holistic concepts. When it comes to making your living room appear brighter you must focus on space-enhancing design elements. Whether you decide to install ceramic tile, limestone tile, plain white marble tile, porcelain tile, or hexagon floor tile – strategic tile installation is key.

Upon entering your home’s main entrance or living room, your tile flooring will give the first impression. Use one (or more) of our living room tile floor ideas — and make the first impression a spacious one!

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