Azulejos in the Kitchen

Azulejos in the Kitchen
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One of the great client reactions that I have ever observed is a homeowner who walked into her residence that had new Azulejos Tiles in the Kitchen. I later learned that this client had spent time in Sevilla as a student and had always dreamed of having these blue tiles in her home.


Azulejos in the Kitchen


Country Floors has long been known for these classically esoteric design elements. Let’s go back to my long-ago client for a minute. Her major concern was what would now be called the “supply chain”. In other words, how will this all come together in terms of time, coordination, and costs?  Could she really have azulejos tiles in her home in a practical sense? The answer then was yes, and the answer now is an even more emphatic yes. The Meditteranean aesthetic style was really there!

The world is a smaller place now. For example, a simple Google search finds Country Floors. Then from there you can check out these Portuguese tiles, as shown below, and begin the process of self-education.


Azulejos in the Kitchen


The next step would be to go into one of our showrooms and see for yourself how unique these blue and white tiles are. Failing that, you can simply request that samples be sent to you. Most likely there will be some conversation between you and a professional entity such as an interior designer, builder, or tile contractor. Once a series of boxes have been checked to your satisfaction, we will finalize some pricing and delivery schedules and you are on the way!


Key Takeaways:

  • Azulejos tiles are a classic, blue tile originating from Sevilla, Spain.
  • With the modern supply chain, it is now easier than ever to bring these tiles into the home.
  • Samples of the tiles can be requested from Country Floors.
  • Visit a Country Floors showroom or use the online payment option to purchase the tiles.
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