Dutch Country Tiles
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The summer of 2018 begins to wind down in the inexorable manner that is seasonal change. That said, there is one trend/style that has always, and we think will always, transcend the seasons. Dutch Country Tiles, with their pastoral but poignant elegance, are always there; ready to be drawn into your design plans. Country Floors has always been associated with these ceramic gems, so let’s chat about them for a bit.

Dutch Country Tiles

Dutch Country Tiles are traditionally associated with the city of Delft. This quintessentially Dutch city is also the home of Johannes Vermeer of  “Girl with a Pearl Earring” fame. Legend has it, that Italian ceramic tile artisans migrated here bringing with them a variety of glazing techniques that begat  Delft ceramic tile.

Here are five typical things to look for in this classic genre:

  1. This material is usually 4”x4” in size or thereabout. Think of this as a greater visual than mosaics but certainly lesser than the large unit tiles we see today.
  2. The color blue is prevalent with all that it implies.
  3. There will be plenty of lovely scenes in decos like what you see at the very top of this post.
  4. Expect the experience to include a distinctly hand-crafted look complete with crazing as shown above. Crazing microfine cracks in the glaze.
  5. Lots of florals to play around with as shown below.

Dutch Country tiles

We have a deep understanding of this classic design element. Let’s have a conversation and thanks for reading. You may also like this post: Wellness and Ceramic Tile.

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