Blue and White Tiles

Our Favorite Blue and White Tile Edit For Your Modern Classic InteriorWe're fans of classic blue and white tile here at Country Floors for interior design purposes. While we like using innovative materials, sometimes you have to go back to the classics.Our favorite use of blue and [...]

Our Glazed Brick Tile Collections

The Design Versatility Of Our Glazed Brick Tile CollectionsThere is no denying that when looking for design inspiration, our glazed brick tiles can be a great inclusion to your interior, owing to their crafts-manship, versatility, and stunning design. These unique glazed brick tiles have a [...]

10 Top Commercial Tiles for Hospitality

Tiles are one of the most important elements that serve as a protective and decorative surface in businesses. They are also important for providing character to both indoor and outdoor spaces to create a favorable atmosphere. Come and discover the 10 best commercial tiles for hospitality. [...]

Shower Tiles Ideas and Designs to Recreate in Your Home 2022

Depending on the type of your shower or concept, shower floor tile ideas may vary. However, we have picked the 10 best ideas and designs for you in this guide. In addition to this, you can also find some amazing suggestions you can use in your shower tile ideas.In short, we are here to [...]

5 Amazingly Beautiful Mediterranean Backsplash Tiles Interior Designers Love to Use

Ceramic and terracotta tiles are two commonly preferred decoration elements by interior designers. We often encounter their uses in kitchen backsplash projects. We all know that there is an increasing trend for organic resources and these materials are the perfect organic choices for [...]
Best of design wall covering

Our Desert Flower Collection is Officially the Best in the World

Cindy Allen, Editor in Chief of Interior Design Magazine, has announced that Desert Wildflowers by Julia Buckingham for Country Floors has been awarded the 2021 Best of Year Product Award in its category, Tile & Stone Wallcoverings.As Country Floors, we are enjoying the rightful pride [...]
Bathroom Tile Ideas for 2022

Bathroom Tile Ideas to Personalize Your Bathroom

If you are looking for bathroom tile ideas to personalize your bathroom, then you are at the right address. We can help you achieve a completely unique and custom look with the following trends and collections. You will not have to worry about finding some of the best bathroom tiles ideas from [...]
Kasbah Ceramic Tiles

Explore Exotic Moroccan Patterned Tile Trend; Kasbah Ceramic Tile

The Stunning Kasbah Tile Trend The genuine Moroccan tile pattern has become a big tiling trend in recent years, often including busy and intricate designs. Because these beautiful ceramic wall tiles are welcoming and lively in the home, inspiring a stress-free atmosphere with a touch of [...]