The Reasons That Show Why Natural Stone Tile is Timeless

Natural stone has been used as a flooring material since time immemorial. It was often seen as a sign of wealth and high status. Ancient royal palaces used marble flooring because it represented wealth, sophistication, and good taste. Natural Stone Tile is Timeless Below are examples of [...]
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Japanese Style Bathrooms: Unlock Your Japanese Influence with Black Tiles

Japanese Style Bathrooms can be a starting point to unlock to your Japanese influence with black tiles. Sometimes the day appears to be longer than it used to be. That is exactly the moment when you want to be at your home. You eagerly anticipate to rejuvenate yourself by taking a relaxing [...]
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How to Clean and Maintain Natural Stone Tiles?

In this article, we'll walk through an insider’s guide to natural stone cleaning and maintenance. Here are some interesting ideas for you. Have you ever wondered what`s the best way to ensure the longevity of your natural stone tiles? For starters, natural stone tiles are made to last. That [...]
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7 Magnificent Tiles for Your Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash tile with mosaics is a new trend among kitchen designers. The backsplash is one of the most visible places in a kitchen and mosaics, or decorative mosaics is the latest innovation in kitchen design. Regular mosaics and decorative mosaics are very versatile. These tiles [...]
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Time To Embrace Earthy Tones In Your Bathroom

In this article, we'll explore earthy bathroom tiles. For the last few years, interior designers have had a frenzy with ceramic and white marble in the bathroom, but that could be changing for 2020.At Country Floors, we are more aware of the natural world than ever before, and that’s [...]
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How to Create Walls That Shimmer With Tiles Inspired By Gemstones

Gemstone jewelry inspired tiles are the tiles that will shimmer on your walls like gemstones. Natural stone tiles like mother of pearl, which you’ll find in some of your favorite jewelry stores, are a brilliant way to add personality and sophistication to your home. Designers using tiles to [...]
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5 Different Mosaic Tiles You Don’t Want to Miss

Mosaics tiles can be a great tool for expressing your ideas and inspirations for your next dream bathroom. Mosaic tiles that are combined with natural stone tiles can enhance your designs. Beautiful blue shades of glass is an excellent companion to your field tile in marble or [...]
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Architectural Digest Names Best Bath Ideas for 2020

This April, with baths suddenly having become perhaps the most important room in everyone's home, it may be a helpful coincidence that Architectural Digest has issued its "AD Great Design Awards - Bath" and editor-we-love Madeline O'Malley has lined them up for readers in a multi-page [...]
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