Take a Trip to France with the Brand New Chez Monet

…discover blue and white tiles, discover Chez MonetStep through the gate into the garden. Your eyes glance at every corner, filled with blooms of each color. Rainbow tulips dance in the wind, roses bob under bumblebees, wisteria trails from iron archways that shelter the pathway. The [...]
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Which Tiles Are the Best for Walls?

The decoration is a significant effort that makes the interior design look much more beautiful than it already is. No doubt that leaving the walls to their destiny never works. After all, none of us would like to see plain walls painted with a pale color or covered with wallpaper. In this [...]
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Interior Design 101: The Brighter Side of Beige | Discover Honey Shade Tiles

Neutral colors sometimes go unnoticed when we plan a new project, but these tones are the workhorses of beautiful interiors. They are carrying a style on their foundation. In 2021 people are becoming bolder with their choices of neutrals and falling back in love with beiges, blushes, and [...]
CountryFloors Limestone Collection

Discover Our Sleek Versatile Beaumaniere Leather Limestone Tiles

Limestone tile may not be the first image that we conjure up when thinking of sleekness and versatility. However, we at Country Floors feel this gorgeous natural stone tiling option has gone overlooked for far too long.Some Much Needed Love for LimestoneLimestone floor tile is [...]

12 Subtle Ways to Express Yourself with Backsplash Tiles

When most of us think about kitchen backsplash tiles, we tend to think about big, bold designs. Backsplashes are the perfect opportunity to indulge that pesky urge to put form over function, that desire for uninhibited decorative expression.Like every other surface in our kitchens, [...]
coverings 2021

An Invitation to Explore Our Virtual Coverings 2021 Tile Booth

Embracing Change with Coverings 2021The world-renowned and pre-eminent ceramic tiling and natural stone tiling showcase in North America, Coverings 2021 was held in Orlando, Florida with limited in-person participation this year. Hopefully, next year Coverings will be held as a [...]
granite tiling

Glorious Granite! Discover Why Granite Is A Sleek Choice For Your Home

Granite tiles are a versatile building material that can be used in many different applications. They are often seen in kitchen countertops and flooring, but they also have other uses as well. Read on to find out more about granite tile!Is Sleek Tiling Still on Trend?You’d think by now [...]
Wagara ceramic

Shop Our Beautiful Wagara Japanese Pattern Tile Collection

The Origins of Wagara PatternWagara is the inspiration for our latest collection of gorgeous pattern wall tiles. These are Japanese patterns that date back to the 8th century, a period of history known as the Heian era. They are originally created for use in the traditional Japanese [...]