Consider A Dark Floor Kitchen: Here Is Why

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Consider A Dark Floor Kitchen: Here Is Why

If you scroll through any modern design magazine you will see endless photos of beautiful kitchens with nothing but white or light-colored floors. But let’s face it – not everyone loves the light aesthetic. Millions of homeowners desire the opposite effect in their homes. The dark kitchen floor lovers (ahem, ahem) are plentiful, preferring rich wooden planks, and moody patterns over plain white floors – and for good reason, dark floors are stunning.



There is so much to be said about the warmth and depth that dark kitchen floors add to a space. With these dark kitchen floor tile ideas, your home will take on a tone that exudes coziness and welcoming energy. Aside from this, there are so many practical benefits to having darker-colored flooring in your home.

Your kitchen in particular benefits from dark-colored tile flooring, or dark wood floors in several specific ways that we think you will truly appreciate. From maintenance to function you cannot go wrong with kitchen tiles that have the goods in terms of looks, and purpose.

Let us help you explore why you should be considering dark floors for your kitchen (if you weren’t already), and help you decide which style and shade may be the right one for your home. Below we have a few suggestions of floor tile styles that would look amazing in a kitchen as well as a brief breakdown of why they work so well.

What is a Dark Floor?

Richly pigmented black floor tiles, and floors in shades like green, navy, gunmetal, and brown are all considered dark floors. Essentially your flooring is dark if it is not a light shade like a white, cream, or beige. “Darkness” is subjective, however, it’s best to think of really deep shades to keep your design vision clear. If you like contrast you can even achieve a look with a black and white tile design.

Dark Floor Kitchen Ideas

Here are several classy and stylish dark kitchen floor ideas that you can use as inspiration. These breathtaking kitchens were designed by homeowners who appreciate the look of dark hardwood and dark tile kitchen floors.

Gray Kitchen Floors

Gray dark kitchen floor tile

Gray tile is a happy medium for many homeowners. Mostly due to the plethora of gray shades available. The dark gray stone tile in this kitchen gives off a look of character that is not too dark but enough so that the light gray cabinets and center island stand out.

Slate Natural Porcelain Tile 24x24

Slate Natural Porcelain Tile

Elephant Skin Matte Wood Look Porcelain Tile 8x48

Elephant Skin Matte Wood Look Porcelain Tile

Skyline Honed Marble Tile 12x24

Skyline Honed Marble Tile

Allure Cottage Marble Tile 16x24

Allure Cottage Marble Tile


Brown Kitchen Floors

brown dark floor tile

These floors are not actual wood, but wood-look tile. That’s right, these stunning wood floors are porcelain tiles with a high-quality wood grain print. This is the way to go if you want dark hardwood kitchen floors without maintenance. You get to have the look of luxurious natural wood, with none of the worry about exposure to moisture and scratches.

Brown Matte Wood Look Porcelain Tile 8x48

Brown Matte Wood Look Porcelain Tile

Tabac Natural Wood Look Porcelain Tile 8x48

Tabac Natural Wood Look Porcelain Tile

Block Rust Lappato Concrete Look Porcelain Tile 12x24

Block Rust Lappato Concrete Look Porcelain Tile

Bosphorus Honed Limestone Tile 12x24

Bosphorus Honed Limestone Tile


Black Kitchen Floors

slate kitchen flooring tile

We of course have to add black tiles to this list. Matte black tiles and black glossy tiles are the epitome of regalness and work no matter which shade you plan to use. We also have a selection of black terracotta tile ideas that bridge rustic and modern elements. Black is certainly bold, but it can act as a neutral base highlighting and elevating other elements of the room’s design like in the kitchen above.

Dark Flow Natural Stone Look Porcelain Tile 18x36

Dark Flow Natural Stone Look Porcelain Tile

Iris Black Brushed Marble Tile 16x16

Iris Black Brushed Marble Tile

Iris Black Cottage Marble Tile 16x24

Iris Black Cottage Marble Tile

Belgian Bluestone Lappato Patinato Limestone Tile 16x24

Belgian Bluestone Lappato Patinato Limestone Tile


Dark Flooring Advantages

The advantages of having dark wooden kitchen floors are both visual and functional. If you are in the market for floors that will wow for years or end then you will be very happy that you selected to go dark.



We have already touched on this benefit so we will keep it short and sweet – dark floors make an amazing statement in the home. A kitchen with dark flooring and carefully selected decor looks chic and sophisticated which is always in style. Take your favorite color, pair it with a bold black floor, or a rich walnut hardwood, and revel in the beauty – it’s really that simple. Slate tiles would be one of the best choices that provide the exact dark aesthetic in your kitchen.

Scratch Resistance


Dark kitchen floor tiles should not be considered unless they are in a material that can hold up to daily wear and tear. Kitchens in most homes see lots of action, so it is important to make sure your floors are up for the task. Dark hardwood floors in kitchens are beautiful but they will require special care to remain in good shape. If you opt for wood you must make sure you are prepared to choose furniture that will not cause damage to the floors, and a cleaning routine that will keep your floors glowing. Tiles in the right material (such as porcelain or vinyl) will only require and require regular sweeping and mopping to keep them looking their best.

Stain Resistance


In addition to dark tile kitchen floors being resilient against scratches, they can also be stain-resistant. Materials such as porcelain and ceramic tiles make an excellent choice for rooms where there will be heavy water usage. Both materials are clay-based, porcelain being the more dense option, so you can count on them to be extremely low at absorbing moisture. This feature of dark kitchen floor tiles is crucial because kitchens are heavily used. Between all the eating, cooking, dishwashing, and mopping your kitchen floors will be in contact with moisture on an almost daily basis.

You won’t have to worry about the accumulation of unsightly stains or water spots on your dark floors – granted you select a tile material with low moisture absorption. If you select wooden tiles you will have to make sure you take the utmost care to keep floors in great condition. If your floors are wood-look (in porcelain), then you won’t ever have to worry about treating ugly stains.



It should be no surprise that dark floors offer an abundance of versatility. You can use dark tiles or dark hardwoods to create a comfortable atmosphere that you will enjoy cooking in for years. A few design suggestions for colors that would look amazing with dark hardwood kitchen floors, and dark tile kitchen flooring are white kitchen cabinets with dark floors and light grey kitchen cabinets with dark wood floors.

When it comes to cabinets, and countertops you can honestly go as light or dark as you choose, however, it is best to stick with light colors for small kitchens. Small white kitchens with dark floors will be best if space is limited, that way you can have the best of both worlds. At the end of the day, you want your space to be a reflection of your style. A modern kitchen with dark floors holds endless possibilities.



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