Delft Dutch Tile

delft dutch tiles
Posted On February 23, 2018

Delft Dutch Tile is a fairly broad name for one of the most recognizable genres in the ceramic tile industry. As a bit of background, the story goes that Italian artisans migrated north to The Netherlands in the 16th century bringing with them the technique of glazing earthenware. Naturally, this elevated utilitarian household pieces to elements of artistic expression.
Eventually these glazed pieces began to include both tiles and pottery as demand increased amongst the upwardly mobile Dutch. The tile, in particular, had significant  practical value being easy to clean and relatively fire resistant. This made Delft Dutch Tile  perfect for kitchen wall and fireplace areas.

Delft Dutch Tile

By the late 17th century the city of Delft became the center of both the art form and the industry. The now familiar blue glaze and bucolic rural scenes were a fixture. The founder of Country Floors began to import these tiles into the United Stares in the late 1960’s as American appreciation for European ceramic tile culture flourished.

In the America of the 2018, Delft tile is most commonly thought of, in the broadest layman’s terms, as simply a white tile with blue decorative elements. Please consider this in thinking about this material: one should always expect a hand finished artisan style with crazing or minute cracks in the glaze. As you review our current Delft assortment here, you will notice all the classic genre elements: white background, blue ornamentation, country ambience and farm scenes that you should expect to see.

These are a few small bits of what Country Floors can deliver in Delft Tile. We have a nice footprint of showroom locations where our design professionals can point out even more fine options. Thanks for reading!

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