Handpainted Tile Ideas For Kitchen Backsplash 2022

Handpainted Tile Ideas For Kitchen Backsplash 2022 | Country Floors
Posted On August 1, 2022

For a custom backsplash to create a unique kitchen design, a handpainted tile kitchen backsplash is a fantastic way to add beauty and style to kitchen walls. You can consider adding painted tiles to a wall above a sink or stove area in the kitchen to complement existing tiles and cabinetry, fixtures, and hardware features. Whether your design style is classic or contemporary, we have some wonderful handpainted tile ideas for kitchen backsplashes for the homeowner and interior designer to explore at Country Floors.

Beautiful Handpainted Tile Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

For inspiration, check out these beautiful hand-painted ceramic tiles for your kitchen backsplash to a bit of design flair, color, and artisan tile to your home. After all, the kitchen is the room for cooking and entertaining in the house, where friends and family gather around the kitchen island or counters, so it can be reflective of what you design art style you love.

So let us look at these beautiful handpainted tile ideas for your kitchen backsplashes!

Classic Blue and White Kitchen Tiles

Miradouro Classic Ceramic

Miradouro Classic Ceramic Collection, Country Floors

Suppose you love white and blue walls, these classic blue and white handpainted ceramic tiles for your kitchen backsplash. Inspired by the blue and white Portuguese tile tradition, the Miradouro Classic Ceramic Collection has some beautiful simple Portuguese patterns in 6×6 tile sizes that look timeless. Pair with painted cabinetry in soft blues and whites for a traditional kitchen design.

Modern White and Blue Kitchen Tiles

Novelty Tile Classic Ceramic

Novelty Tile Classic Ceramic Collection, Country Floors

For a more modern white and blue kitchen backsplash, these Blue Diamonds Glossy Ceramic Tile 6×6 sizes will make a stunning kitchen backsplash in the hand-painted tile style. With patterns being a big hit in surface decoration for kitchens and bathrooms, these blue and white patterned tiles will bring a tired kitchen up to date.

Floral Kitchen Tiles

Desert Wildflowers Ceramic

For many people looking out of their kitchen window to a flower garden is a romantic design idea that can be realized with these award-winning abstract handpainted floral ceramic tiles to add some charm to your kitchen. The Desert Wildflowers Collection comes in many beautiful handpainted colors and watercolor paint techniques, realized for Country Floors by American artist and interior designer Julia Buckingham. If you love the impressionist painting style, these inspired floral tiles look dreamy as your kitchen backsplash tile.

Spanish Kitchen Tiles

Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta, Country Floors

Folks love the warmth and feel of exotic tile design in an interior. Spanish textiles are an inspiration for these handpainted terracotta tiles with some of the most beautiful designs. An artistic interpretation of the famous “Lenguas Mallorquinas” fabrics, in washed-out painted tile patterns, the Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta Collection offers many soft color and pattern options for your kitchen backsplash.

Country French Kitchen Tiles

Chez Monet Ceramic

Chez Monet Ceramic Collection, Country Floors

Classic french country kitchen wall tiles are extremely popular with traditional white kitchen cabinetry or classic french grey cabinets. However, for modern kitchen design, consider using these beautiful French-style handpainted tiles from the Chez Monet Ceramic Collection in blue and white patterns inspired by the actual tile in the artist Monet’s kitchen at Giverny, France.

Handpainted Delft Tiles

Delft Ceramic

Royal Delft Ceramic Collection, Country Floors

There probably is no ceramic tile that is more charming than traditional Dutch handpainted Delft tiles for a kitchen backsplash. So with this renowned Royal Makkum Delft Tile Collection produced by 400-year-old Dutch of tile makers, you will have acclaimed heritage tiles for your kitchen. With over 16 traditional Delft scenes and patterns to choose from, these authentic handpainted Delft tiles are a work of art and investment for your home.

Moroccan Kitchen Tiles

La Brea Moresque

La Brea Moresque Collection, Country Floors

Exotic tiles inspired by Moorish, Tunisian, and Spanish style designs with bold yellow, red, blue, and green colors and patterns in handpainted tile techniques, are a great way to achieve a maximalist style kitchen. We think they look stunning as a backdrop to your kitchen or home, so don’t be shy to explore the La Brea Moresque Collection or your backsplash kitchen tile.

Final Design Thoughts

There are endless possibilities with tile for backsplashes. You have so many materials to choose from marble, glass, stone, porcelain, terracotta, and ceramic; without question, a handpainted tile adds that artist’s touch to a kitchen tile that makes them so much more special. If you want to add an art installation to your kitchen walls, handpainted kitchen tiles are the best design idea that is practical and easy to clean. If you are interested in more classic options, you may want to check the black chevron tile. , wood affect chevron tile. Many different kinds of handpainted kitchen backsplashes are available from Country Floors, perfect for your house. Contact our expert team today or find your nearest Country Floors dealer.