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Portuguese Ceramic Tile 2019

blue portuguese ceramic wall tiles
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If history is any prelude, then the idea of Portuguese Ceramic Tile is in a great position to continue to influence design plans across a wide spectrum of clients. That being said, why not take a minute and understand this a little better?

In certain circles, Portuguese tiles are aligned with the idea, or material, known as azulejos. More or less, we can translate this as “Blue Tiles,” But not exactly.

Cesta Panel Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile


249 Gelosia, Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile


Seixas, Blue & Yellow Glazed Ceramic Tile


The history of these tiles goes back to the 13th century. Once upon a time, the Moors were reigning in most parts of Portugal and Spain. Their culture was dominant in almost everything in these soils. Art, literature, architecture, etc. The word has its root in Arabic also. It means “small polished stone” in Arabic.

blue ceramic portuguese wall tiles

Today you can see these tiles almost everywhere in Portugal. Portuguese people decorated churches, restaurants, bars, railway and subway stations, palaces, and homes with these tiles.

What is the Portuguese Ceramic Tile?

We have discussed this previously and here are some of our prior thoughts:

What exactly are Azulejos Ceramic Tiles. We can deconstruct things a bit in order to learn more. We know that “azul” is blue in Spanish so it is fairly easy to make the connection to “blue tiles”. Be advised this term may also have an Arabic root in describing a small polished stone.”


Museu Nacional do Azulejo
Museu Nacional do Azulejo

The image immediately above, from the famous Museu Nacional do Azulejo in Lisbon, clearly indicates that Portuguese tiles are more than just blue.

Many other countries have tile art. It is used as decoration like a tapestry,” according to museum director Maria Antónia Pinto de Matos. “But in Portugal, it became a part of the building. The decorative tiles are a construction material as well as decoration.” So where does that leave us?

Our Azulejos Ceramic Tiles post could give you more information and ideas, don’t forget to take a look!

blue portuguese ceramic backsplash tile

Miradouro Portuegese Tile Collection

At the very top of this post is an example of our Miradouro Collection.  One of my colleagues described the setting and tiles: “This wonderful sunroom designed by Patsy Perlam is truly a treat. We are happy to see our Miradouro collection tying all the elements together in harmony.”

224 Roseira Parda Glazed Ceramic Tile


198 Camelias, Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile


122 Kaleidoscope, Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile


Founded in the 1960s, Country Floors has a long and storied history of providing unique ceramic tile materials to a discerning clientele. We are continuing that tradition with Portuguese tiles. Thanks for reading.

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