White Marble in the Summer Time

white marble indoor flooring
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This weekend brings us Father’s Day. By any measure, the summer season is now fully underway, and with it comes the thoughts, sights, sounds, and traditions that have always arrived with it. Think picnics, BBQ, baseball, golf, the beach, and perhaps for some of us an enduring memory of “fancy folk” cavorting in their “summer whites”. In another sense, for the arcane but eternally fascinating world of interior design, white marble in the summertime is always a great starting point for any design plan.

The classic elegance that is white never goes out of style or fashion. Many colors may come and go but you can always count on white as a standard of elegance. This is even truer in the heat of summer. With that said, white marble tiles, especially elegantly polished and softly reflective stones, are as classic as there is.

white marble kitchen floor tile

Country Floors has enjoyed a long history of offering its clients understated elegance. That legacy continues with the Aspen White Polished Collection which perfectly fits the design concept of a fresh white stone. Please take a look at the vibrant yet subtle image above and we think that you will agree that this particular collection allows for free-flowing design expression built around the simplicity of the stone.

white marble bathroom tiles

The Aspen White Polished Marble Collection is available in a variety of sizes. Also, a mosaic tile and a subway tile interpretation that you may find interesting as a luxury white marble tile collection.

As always, thanks for reading, and enjoy Father’s Day and your summer.

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