Mediterranean Patterns in Tile

white and blue ceramic backsplash tiles
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All interior design plans must pay some sort of attention to a familiar set of considerations. Light, color, scale, shape, texture, pattern, client desires and much more must be addressed in one way or another. Today, let’s chat about patterns. In particular, Mediterranean tile patterns and how you can pair them with other elements such as marble to create both focal points and visual statements.

In the world of ceramic tile, Portuguese-style azulejos have long served as inspiration when patterns and particularly floral patterns have been a design requirement. Here in the summer of 2014, patterns in general, and florals, in particular, are at the top of many client wish lists.

Recently, speaking about the ongoing trend in floral patterns, well-known interior designer Lisa Davis said, “Not only is Spring about brighter colors in Interior Design but it is also about floral patterns! This year, bold floral patterns are a big trend through wallpaper, fabric, area rugs and furniture”. Of course for Country Floors, we see patterns from the viewpoint of ceramic tile.

white and blue ceramic backsplash tile

Miraduoro Collection to Explore Mediterranean Tile Patterns

Our Miradouro Collection features the most elegant and refined Portuguese wall tiles. These artistic elements have enriched the architecture of Portugal and the world for centuries. They are particularly known for their blue-on-white motifs, but also offer other exuberant floral Mediterranean-style patterns that have a rhythm and vitality all their own.

blue and yellow ceramic bathroom tiles

We feel that another option exists for discerning design professionals and their clients. The pairing of our Miradouro Collection with marble, in particular clean crisp white marble, creates a setting that combines the best of modern design with the finest in classic ceramic art. Stay tuned in this space for imagery and ideas on how to do this with Country Floors. Thank you for reading!

Also, please take a look at our Reclaimed Terracotta to match them up to create a Mediterranean style in your home!

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