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Zellige Morrocan Style Tiles

Zellige Morrocan Style Tiles
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Zellige Morrocan Style Tiles are our topic today and for a very good reason. Perhaps “zellige” is not yet on the tip of your tongue, but trust us when we say this material is showing up from Coast-to-Coast.

To illustrate this, Nancy Mitchell, a senior writer at Apartment Therapy recently posted this: “Zellige tiles, the glazed Moroccan tiles with the subtle ripply texture and deep, rich colors, are currently one of my favorite things. I especially love them in a modern kitchen, where their color and texture draws the eye and provides a perfect counterpart to the asceticism of a minimal space.” This is naturally a reasonable barometer on the “arrival” of Zellige tiles and confirms our current showroom experiences in terms of client interaction.

Zellige Morrocan Style Tiles
Zellige Tiles

Like so many things in the ceramic tile world, Zellige Morrocan Style Tiles owe a debt of gratitude to Moorish art and architecture. The patterning, and objects contained therein, became supremely popular in long-ago wealthy Moorish households wishing to exhibit a sense of style and grace. Our Zellige Ceramic Collection seeks to bring these same characteristics to the modern home. Thanks for reading.

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