Ceramic Tile Collections

Ceramic tile has a rich legacy in design, art, and architecture that spans thousands of years. While ancient Mesopotamian temples are the earliest-recorded sites of ceramic tiles, this art form has appeared throughout history, from Ottoman palaces decked with Turkish Iznik tiles to Baroque interiors lined with Spanish Azulejo tiles.

Continuing this legacy, Country Floors is an industry leader that honors tradition while offering a selection of refined modern looks.

Found in a variety of colors and sizes, our tiles range from plain fields to an assortment of designs and prints. Matte, velvet, and crackled glaze finishes add dimension to any flat surface. There is a wide selection to choose from. The classic tile collection, like the Sister Parish tiles, reflects timeless fabric patterns. For a blend of modernity and tradition, the arabesque and Moroccan tile patterns can be found on modern-day ceramic tiles.

Our tiles are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, giving wet surfaces an elegant and polished appearance. Hotel and condo bathroom floor tiles and kitchen backsplashes are some of the most common applications. Ceramic tiles can also be found in commercial applications, such as hotel bar walls and exposed restaurant kitchens. The hospitality sector utilizes these tiles for hotel entrances, reception desks, pools, and spas.

Most ceramic tiles start as a piece of red or white clay that has been formed by hand or by machine into a shape. While this shape is most often flat, it can take many configurations depending on the intended usage. Once the shape has been decided, the tile is glazed with a ceramic glaze and fired at extremely high temperatures in a kiln. For all residential interiors, the final product is always installed with un-sanded grout and thin-set mortar.