Salute Red, White and Blue with Sister Parish Design Ceramic

It's 1962 in Kennedy's white house, the breakfast room to be exact, and it's being transformed by a burgeoning powerhouse of interior design and her lesser-known friend. Sister Parish, the famed interior designer, sweeps around the room bringing with her the usual toolkit of comfort, luxury, [...]
porcelain tile bathroom

Where to Use Porcelain Tiles to Enhance Your Home

Porcelain is the longtime favorite of interior designers. We utilize porcelain tiles to create a softer look and reflect natural light perfectly. Far easier to install than some stone tiling materials, porcelain is lightweight, practical, and importantly, stress-free. Why Designers Use [...]

Discover Our Modern Encaustic Floor Tile Collection

With an abundance of timeless flair to complement any stylish interior, it’s no surprise encaustic cement tiling has become a staple of the modern interior designer. A typical feature of art nouveau, cement tiling has a vast and colorful history. Considered both strong and affordable, cement [...]

Stay Ahead of the Trend with Luscious Natural Marble

Natural marble tile has certainly earned its reputation as one of the most sought-after, pure interior materials for use by designers. It has denoted a consistent air of luxury, opulence, and timeless style. Literally, marble has been a favorite since the ancient Greeks.  It's an eye-catching [...]
black and white marble

Chic and Versatile Laundry Rooms

That's right. We said chic laundry rooms. The Washington DC-based design magazine Home & Design has a few ideas on how to bring luxury and elegance to this utilitarian space. Including handmade terracotta tiles from Country Floors.Laundry That's Chic and Clean If you're like us, [...]
artisan tiles

Embrace Colorful Artisan Tiles with the Aqua Forte Collection

The concept of creativity can be subjective. But the demand for tiles that emulate the many handcrafted inspirations from around the world showcase just how popular the artisan approach to interior design is.The artisan trend derives from skilled workers who create works of art by hand. [...]
old world trend

Nobody Does the Old-World Influence Trend Better Than Country Floors

Nobody knows old-world trends better than Country Floors. Also, nobody does the old world influence trend better than us. This is not a baseless claim. Let me explain why.  If you are new to the world of interior design, you may often assume that only modern and minimalistic aesthetics should [...]

Diamond Pattern Flooring: A Trend Worth Consideration

In the world of interior design, those wanting to bring their home into the 21st century have plenty of choices available. However, some trends are worth focusing on more than others. This is true, especially if you want to escape convention regarding the interior of the home.One of the [...]