Ceramic Tile

Transform Your Kitchen Backsplash With The Colorful Firenze Ceramic Tile Collection

An excellent ceramic tile backsplash can make all the difference for your home. When trying to get the best results, it can be essential to ensure that your kitchen gets the best results.We've got quite an excellent range of ceramic tiles for you to take a look at, and we do recommend them [...]

Blue and White Tiles

Our Favorite Blue and White Tile Edit For Your Modern Classic InteriorWe're fans of classic blue and white tile here at Country Floors for interior design purposes. While we like using innovative materials, sometimes you have to go back to the classics.Our favorite use of blue and [...]

Our Glazed Brick Tile Collections

The Design Versatility Of Our Glazed Brick Tile CollectionsThere is no denying that when looking for design inspiration, our glazed brick tiles can be a great inclusion to your interior, owing to their crafts-manship, versatility, and stunning design. These unique glazed brick tiles have a [...]
Mediterranean Tile Backsplash

5 Amazingly Beautiful Mediterranean Tile Backsplash Ideas with Images

Ceramic and terracotta tiles are two commonly preferred decoration elements by interior designers. We often encounter their uses in kitchen backsplash projects. Mediterranean tile backsplash ideas are increasing day by day. We all know that there is an increasing trend for organic resources [...]
Kasbah Ceramic Tiles

Explore Exotic Moroccan Patterned Tile Trend; Kasbah Ceramic Tile

The Stunning Kasbah Tile Trend The genuine Moroccan tile pattern has become a big tiling trend in recent years, often including busy and intricate designs. Because these beautiful ceramic wall tiles are welcoming and lively in the home, inspiring a stress-free atmosphere with a touch of [...]

Take a Trip to France with the Brand New Chez Monet

…discover blue and white tiles, discover Chez MonetStep through the gate into the garden. Your eyes glance at every corner, filled with blooms of each color. Rainbow tulips dance in the wind, roses bob under bumblebees, wisteria trails from iron archways that shelter the pathway. The [...]
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Which Tiles Are the Best for Walls?

The decoration is a significant effort that makes the interior design look much more beautiful than it already is. No doubt that leaving the walls to their destiny never works. After all, none of us would like to see plain walls painted with a pale color or covered with wallpaper. In this [...]
Wagara ceramic

Shop Our Beautiful Wagara Japanese Pattern Tile Collection

The Origins of Wagara PatternWagara is the inspiration for our latest collection of gorgeous pattern wall tiles. These are Japanese patterns that date back to the 8th century, a period of history known as the Heian era. They are originally created for use in the traditional Japanese [...]