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Color, Mood…. and Designing for Both, Part Three.

Since this is the final post in our color, mood and design trilogy. We have covered nine colors so far and by way of review we have noted that there are very distinct human responses to color. For example, I have always been drawn to saturated, vibrant colors. Of course, individual human [...]
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Glass Mosaics: A Brief History and Three Current Trends

It is generally accepted by scholars that glass mosaics date back to at least 2500 B.C. Of interest, is that clay tiles are first thought to have been produced as early as 8000 B.C. The timeline differential is mainly owing to the far greater temperatures needed to melt glass.In the spirit [...]
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The Arts and Crafts Movement: Tiles

The International Design Movement, later to be known as Arts and Crafts, began in Europe, and especially in Britain, in approximately 1860. The exact genesis of such things is never crystal clear.  Textile designer and writer William Morris was extremely influential in fanning the Arts and [...]
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Trending Metallics in Tile

All things metallic have been creeping towards center stage this year. Trending Metallics in tile is no exception. Website tells us that…. “Tremendous, amusing with futuristic spirit, the metallic trend is part of spring 2013 fashion. This time it takes us one step forward [...]

Terracotta Tiles: Part One

Terracotta Tiles and introduction Terracotta tiles inspire creative thoughts and engender romantic design notions. However, there is often a bit of confusion for the homeowner and even for the professional. Let's start with the name. Is it terracotta as one word or terra cotta as two words? [...]
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Color, Mood…. and Designing for Both, Part Two.

We covered six colors in our last post. Let’s recap where we were and then cover three more! There are very distinct human responses to color. I have always been drawn to saturated, emotional colors. But that is me. As we discussed previously, the respected Ms. Angela Wright, on her [...]
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The Diamond Shape

Naturally, “Diamonds Are Forever”, at least according to Ian Fleming and his alter ego, James Bond. So too does this shape keep its place in contemporary design. Recently, interior designer Gabrielle Di Stefano, contributing for Houzz, posted some very interesting comments on this timeless [...]
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Delft Tile Inspiration

Delft Tile Inspiration and Tile Production Delft tile inspiration come from the city of Delft, situated between Rotterdam and The Hague, the Dutch city of Delft has a long political history through its association with the House of Orange and significant cultural past. That wonderful past is [...]